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Welcome to the City of Port Arthur's Downtown Revitalization Plan Homepage!

The 2015 Port Arthur Downtown Revitalization Plan (hereinafter called the Downtown Plan) uses a combination of public and private initiatives as a foundation for planning. The Downtown Plan targets consensus building around and establishes a common image for Downtown Port Arthur as a once again livable, healthy and economically vibrant community destination. Downtown Port Arthur was once the vital heart of the City and this plan aims to recapture its past success and revive Downtown Port Arthur into an attractive place for residents, businesses, city services and visitors.

Supplemental reports and information conducted along with this Downtown Plan include:

  • Port Arthur, TX 2014 Market Analysis prepared by Catalyst Commercial

  • Incentive and economic development information prepared by G. L. Blackstone & Associates LLC

  • Stormwater System Analysis Technical Memorandum prepared by Freese and Nichols, Inc.

  • Water and Wastewater System Analysis Technical Memorandum prepared by Freese and Nichols, Inc.

The Downtown Plan builds on decades of effort, history and culture, successes, urban context and working relationships. It is intended to be used for policy development, to guide public funding and to attract private investments. The plan also provides a physical framework layout and catalyst actions to promote Downtown Port Arthur. As this plan builds on current and past efforts, it does not find it necessary to completely revise decisions of the past, but rather moves forward with a focus on market potentials, capital improvements and project opportunities.

The planning consultants Freese and Nichols, Inc. were commissioned by the City of Port Arthur to conduct the 2015 Downtown Plan. Because much had been studied and several local organizations had individual plans for portions of Downtown Port Arthur, the project team approached this effort as an implementation-focused plan in which previous efforts are combined with new market-driven strategies. During this process, existing goals were paired with newly discovered desires for Downtown Port Arthur.

This document serves as a guide for the City, developers, citizens and all parties interested in establishing an attractive place to live, work and play. The Downtown Plan is a comprehensive study that engages the community to identify new development opportunities. The Plan provides a review for previous planning documents, assessment of the physical environment, detailed market assessment and detailed infrastructure assessments in order to support Downtown Port Arthur's viability.

Beyond the creation of strategies, the plan identifies specific projects to rally around and to set the course for physical development over the next 10 years and beyond. The plan recommends circulation elements and provides recommendations for infrastructure improvements to set the stage for success. In addition, the planning process works to strengthen downtown district's recognition and identify methods to enhance the relationship with the Lamar State College. Final recommendations clearly state projects and privatization for action items focused on land use programming, policy updates, circulation, identity, and development.

Ultimately, the Downtown Plan presents strategies for the transformation of Downtown Port Arthur into a destination that leverages the area's unique activity generators, waterfront, civic core and urban forms along with its position in the market place. Most importantly, this plan should be the guiding tool for the much needed implementation of new development.

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