July 17, 2019


The US 80 Corridor Study will focus on evaluating the mobility needs along this key Kaufman County corridor from the Dallas County to Van Zandt County lines.  Planning along the corridor will center on long-term mobility needs when considering regional travel, sub-area access and circulation and land planning to enhance specific origins and destinations within this stretch of corridor. 

Long-term mobility considerations may include the provision of additional:

  • Frontage roads
  • Ramp/interchange enhancements
  • Bridge improvements
  • Supporting access and circulation
  • Potential passenger rail alternatives

To support the planning process, a Steering Committee comprised of representatives of all major areas within the corridor was created to assist in the identification of issues and vision for the corridor and provide input to transportation needs and plan recommendations.  The plan will culminate in a public hearing process to ensure that a complete view of the future needs of the US-80 corridor are considered.  This phase of effort will parallel transportation planning conducted as part of the countywide Transportation Plan.