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Welcome to the City of Garden Ridge Master Land Use Plan

The City of Garden Ridge is currently developing a Master Land Use Plan led by urban planning consultants Freese and Nichols, Inc. The Master Land Use Plan will incorporate the needs and desires of the community, business owners, and city leadership by illustrating what the community imagines for the future. The Plan will be specific to Garden Ridge's unique context, incorporating realistic recommendations and strategies that will help shape the future, while protecting the natural environment and community character. This Plan will serve as the long-term vision for the City of Garden Ridge and will be used every day by your City Council and decision-makers to inform decisions on growth and development. The planning process began in March 2017 and will span approximately nine months. There will be a number of meetings with the steering committee, public meetings, and online public participation tools to gather first-hand input that will ultimately be used to identify the community vision and influence plan recommendations.

Freese and Nichols