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Welcome to the City of Lubbock Comprehensive Plan Homepage!

The City of Lubbock is beginning a year-long comprehensive planning process that will build on the foundation of the 1986 Comprehensive Plan. The City of Lubbock continues to enhance and protect the vitality of the community and plan for future successes by facilitating this update to the existing comprehensive plan. This planning effort aims to synthesize and include all previously done site-specific studies/plans into ONE plan with a single, unified vision for the future. This Plan will incorporate the needs and desires of the community, steering committee, staff and city council, providing guidance on Future Land Use and long-range policies, incorporating realistic recommendations and strategies for future growth and development.

The Comprehensive Plan is the long-term vision for Lubbock and is used consistently by your City Council and decision-makers to inform decisions on growth, development and revitalization of the City. Beginning May 2017, there will be a number of meetings with the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), informational meetings held by various organizations and clubs, public meetings and stakeholder meetings to gather first-hand input that will ultimately be used to identify the community's vision and develop recommendations.

What will Lubbock look like in the future? How and where will it grow? What should Lubbock become?

These are a few of the critical questions that you will be asked to define. Please visit this page periodically throughout the planning process for up-to-date information (such as meeting information, public announcements, downloadable documents/presentations and the community survey, among other things) and learn how YOU can participate in planning YOUR City's future.