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Welcome to the City of Quinlan's Comprehensive Plan Update website!

The City of Quinlan is currently undergoing a 12-month planning process to develop the City's Comprehensive Plan, and we would like your input! Please review the draft documents and submit your comments or attend upcoming meetings.

This plan will establish the community's vision and will provide goals and recommendations for Quinlan's growth and development for the next 10 to 20 years. This plan will be a flexible and adaptive document that serves as a roadmap for Quinlan's future and functions as one of many decision-making guides for land use, policy, and budgeting.

The plan will include the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 Community Snapshot | A look at Quinlan's population trends, current demographics, and overall planning context

  • Chapter 2 Visioning | Documentation of the public input process, vision statement, and plan goals

  • Chapter 3 Land Use Plan | Recommendations for future land use planning, development standards, and urban design

  • Chapter 4 Public Facilities and Services | Recommendations related to transportation, water/wastewater systems, drainage, and City facilities

  • Chapter 5 Economic Development Strategies | A 5-year strategic plan to encourage economic growth in Quinlan

  • Chapter 6 Implementation | An action checklist to guide the plan's implementation over the coming years