The Problem

Where does Sachse's stormwater system need improvement?

As a governing municipality, the City of Sachse has a responsibility to its residents to oversee and maintain the operation of the stormwater system, to identify areas where the current stormwater system is ineffective and needs improvement, and to develop a plan to fund and construct improvement projects. The City has developed a list of 24 areas of concern on which to focus improvement efforts in the coming years. As a citizen of Sachse, it is likely that you are familiar with some of these areas you may avoid a certain street during a storm because it is likely to flood or you may notice a roadside drainage ditch is overgrown with brush and filled with debris.

Below are some areas that have been identified by the City as areas of concern:

TX-78 at Wilford Road

Texas State Highway 78 (TX-78) is a major road into and out of the City of Sachse. Long Branch Stream is connected through a culvert under the roadway. However, the channel at the receiving end of the culvert is over grown with foliage and full of debris. This obstruction causes inundation and closure of the roadway during storm events. Regular maintenance of the channel would help mitigate the flooding as it would help preserve its original hydraulic capacity.

  • TX-78 and adjacent railroad as seen from Arnold Automotive Center (6702 TX-78).

  • Significant flooding occurs at the railroad crossing during a storm event.

  • View of TX-78 during a storm event. Flooding necessitates road closure.

  • The channel beneath TX-78 needs maintenance to provide adequate capacity and prevent flooding.

Salmon Creek Park

Extreme erosion has exposed infrastructure along Long Branch Stream in Salmon Park. Erosion introduces excessive amounts of soil into the water, which can be harmful to aquatic life and cause other water quality issues. Erosion also puts existing infrastructure such as culverts, bridges and pipes at risk for failure. Erosion control mechanisms need to be put in place.

  • Rapid flows during flood events contribute to erosion along Long Branch Stream in Salmon Park.

  • Erosion of Long Branch streambed begins to expose a pipe in Salmon Park (June 2012-Google Maps).

  • Long Branch Stream in Salmon Park three years later. (April 2015-Bing Maps). Erosion has left the pipe completely exposed.

  • The other side of Williford Road under normal conditions.

  • The same channel experiences significant flooding during a storm.

Davis Estates Drainage Channel

A concrete-lined drainage channel runs along the county line between Ingram Road and Ty Circle, of the Davis Estates subdivision. The channel discharges into Long Branch stream which is overgrown with plants and debris, causing the area to flood. Regular maintenance and mowing of the point of discharge would likely improve channel performance during a storm event.

  • Point of Discharge for Davis Estates Drainage Channel.

Merritt Road

A low section of Merritt Road floods during storm events, necessitating road closure. A nearby sewage pump station is also at risk of flooding. Flood control measures need to be put in place to protect existing infrastructure.

  • Merritt Road is unnavigable after a storm event.

Jackson Meadow Pond

Stormwater from the Jackson Hills neighborhood discharges into Jackson Meadow Pond through 3 outfall structures. These outfalls are too high, causing water to rapidly spill over the subsurface pipe exit. The rapidly flowing water is causing erosion beneath the concrete headwall. Rip-rap and other erosion controls are required to prevent collapse of the headwall and structural failure.

  • Water spills over the headwall into Jackson Meadow Pond.

  • Erosion is putting the outfall structure at risk of structural failure.

Residential Flooding

Several residential neighborhoods in Sachse experience flooding. Backyards along a drainage easement in the Jackson Hills neighborhood fill with water during storm events. The inundation weakens existing backyard fences. Temporary retaining walls have been put in place to delay immediate damage to property, but flooding concerns need to be further addressed with a more permanent solution.

  • Fences in the Jackson Hills neighborhood are weakened by flood waters.

  • Backyards flood during a storm.

The map below shows areas of concern identified by the City of Sachse:

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